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    The planned ECG revealed SA - blockade with the loss of the PQKS complex: in V3 - an increase to 0.92 sinus rhythm. What does this mean? What is dangerous for life? How to treat tadalafil? Answer: Hello. Blockades are dangerous with a significant decrease in the pulse, with a rare pulse, the blood supply to all organs suffers. The most sensitive to this is the brain. With large pauses in the rhythm of the heart, episodes of loss of consciousness may appear.

  • Such changes require careful monitoring, it is necessary to regularly monitor the ECG, do an ultrasound of the heart, be friends with a cardiologist in the clinic. It is not necessary to treat yet, only according to your doctor's prescription, it is possible to take drugs that improve the nutrition of the heart muscle.

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    I was diagnosed with 2nd degree heart block and told that I needed a pacemaker. What to do? Answer: It is necessary to undergo ECG-Holter monitoring or go to the cardiology department for examination.

  • During the last years, the heartbeat is 43-48 beats per minute. When loaded, it rises to 65-70. Doctors said that the stimulant is not required. She got married in November and is currently pregnant: 8 weeks. Severe toxicosis began, constant vomiting when eating, which had a very negative effect on her heart and her health in general. What can be done in such a situation? Just wait out the toxicosis or go for a heart operation? Thank you for your time.

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More and more people are suffering from heart problems. Excessive physical and emotional stress, chronic diseases, bad habits - all this cannot but be reflected inI'm at work on the cardiovascular system. One of the dangerous pathologies of cialis is heart block - a disease that occurs either as an independent or against the background of other diseases. So, a condition in which the transmission of an impulse through the heart muscle slows down or stops is called heart block. What kind of disease is this, what are the causes of its development, symptoms, signs, how to protect yourself from it?

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Pathology can be diagnosed by the results of an electrocardiogram, which at the time of the study allows you to assess the state of the organ. But it is worth considering the fact that the occurrence of blockades can be periodic. Transient blockades are examined using a treadmill test, Holter monitoring, and echocardiography can also be prescribed to confirm the diagnosis.